About ITEP (Four Years Integrated B.Ed. Course)

As per New Education Policy (NEP), the government has notified a four-year integrated teacher education programme. Now, the B.Ed course will be integrated and will be of four-year duration. Students who pursue a four-year B.Ed degree will get B.A B.Ed and B.Sc B.Ed and B.Com B.Ed degrees together. Usually, it would take students five years to complete these two degrees. The integrated degree would offer both degrees and save a year for students. It is a four year integrated programme which aims at integrating general studies in professional studies in education. It provides a wide knowledge base for becoming an elementary and secondary school teacher.

To improve the quality of teaching at all levels of education, the Government is putting its best foot forward to roll out the four-year Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) course. As the education policy introduces several changes in the curriculum including teaching in regional language, teaching coding to school kids among others, the new degrees will prepare teachers accordingly and will have a new curriculum. The government aims at making the four-year integrated B.Ed the minimum degree required for teaching by 2030.

The course will contribute substantially to the revitalization of the whole teacher education sector. The prospective teachers passing out of this course through a multi-disciplinary environment, grounded in Indian values and traditions will be instilled with the needs of 21st century on global standards, and hence will be largely helpful in shaping the future of New India. The commencement of Four Year ITEP will be from the academic session 2023-24 as per NCTE norms and regulation.